High End Plastic Film and Optical Film

Producers of high-end quality plastic film and sheet will find the answer to their quest for near-zero roll cover defects in our RotaSil product line. We understand that even minute voids or similar imperfections are not acceptable as they would transfer onto the film and generate a poor-quality product. Since RotaSil provides the highest level of cleanliness, it finds application even in the production of medical goods such as IV bags and blood collection bags.

The latest high-definition TV sets incorporate the highest-grade optical film, which has been processed on RotaSil-covered rolls. Likewise, the screens of recent-model smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers all embed such optical film, also made on RotaSil.

Other uses include film lamination, embossing, high-release applications, and digital printing — wherever a flawless roll surface is mandatory.

RotaSil is a premium, pure-white silicone compound family that is available from 15 ShA to 80 ShA, with the vast majority running in the 65 to 75 ShA hardness range. It can be polished to attain a high-gloss, low Ra surface.

Our RotaSil product line is produced at our state-of-the-art facility near Lancaster, PA, as well as in one of our plants near Shanghai, China, geared to meet the ever-increasing demands of our global customers.

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